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Packing and Storage Tips

If you are new to the self-storage world or it has been a while since you have had to pack and store things, here are some tips you might find helpful:

Insure your items

When your items are at our facility in one of our units, it is still under your ownership and therefore your responsibility. Make sure you contact your insurance agency before moving into a unit to see what they protect if interested.

Determine packing supplies needed

Boxes, tape, packing peanuts, labels, bubble wrap, furniture covers, etc. Make sure you have all necessary items prior to moving so that everything is stored properly and carefully. Inside our office we offer a wide assortment of packing materials and boxes.

Protect fragile goods

Anything that could be broken or damaged should be securely stored in a box with extra packaging (bubble wrap, peanuts, etc.) Even if an item feels like it is secure without added packaging, moving can be unpredictable and damage may occur.

Store clothes in wardrobe boxes

Traditional boxes may not be enough when packing away clothes for long periods of time. Invest in good containers to keep them in their best condition and ease with unpacking later.

Fill boxes to capacity

No more, no less. Boxes that are not filled entirely may collapse and damage the items inside. Boxes that are overstuffed may rip and contents may fall out. Fill boxes as much as possible to the point where it can be sealed without hassle. Heavier items should be stored in smaller boxes together so that they are easy to carry without damaging other items.

Label, Label, Label!

The best way to save stress and prevent boxes from getting lost in the move is to label everything. As soon as you finish packing a box, quickly mark what is inside. Not only will this help you later when you try and unpack things to put in their place, but while in the unit these labels will help you to know where things are so you can easily access and retrieve them. Do your best to keep boxes with similar contents together.

Inspect your storage space

One of the most frustrating things our customers deal with is thinking they can fit their items into a smaller unit than they actually can. At the end of the day, if you are not sure if you should go a size up, you’re better off safe than sorry. Many clients wait until they are ¾ the way through packing their unit when they realize they need the next size up. Save yourself the extra hassle and realistically assess both your items and the unit.

Pack the space carefully and thoughtfully

Make a plan when you begin to pack your unit on how everything will best fit and accommodate your needs later on. Protect your belongings by leaving a little air space around the perimeter for ventilation.

Leave a walkway

Leave yourself room to walk. In case you forgot that you were going to need that box of files all the way in the back of your unit, this will save you a lot of maneuvering and climbing. Simply leave a small path down the middle of the unit to easily access boxes at any point in the unit.

Cover anything that may be damaged while
moving or in storage

Mattresses, furniture, pillows, etc. should be covered to avoid scratches and rips. Slipcovers and breathable shells are an inexpensive way to protect your items in the move and while in storage.

Leave goods that you use most frequently and
need access to near the doorway:

Chances are you will need to access your unit several times during your lease and you should plan for this ahead of time. Leave the boxes you know you will need to access near the front of the unit, clearly labeled.