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Storage FAQ’s

What is Self Storage?

If you are like many Americans, all of your stuff does not fit into your home. Whether you are drowning in clothes, books, or memorabilia, self storage lets you keep your belongings without sacrificing the roominess of your home.

With self storage, you rent space, typically on a monthly basis, to stash your property. Unlike full-service storage facilities, where you have limited access to your property and someone else figures out how items are stored, self storage units give you full control over what's in your unit and how items are arranged.

What’s the difference between office hours
and access hours?

Office hours are the hours in which our staff is available to answer questions, lease units, or assist you in any manner. These hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm and Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm. On the other hand, access hours are the hours in which you may access your unit and these hours are 7:00am-9:00pm, 7 days a week.

What can I store in my unit?

From home décor to office files or even cars and boats, you can store almost anything at A-Secure Storage. The items you cannot store include: perishables, animals (living or deceased), firearms, ammunition, explosives, combustible or hazardous materials, unregistered vehicles or boats, drugs and stolen property. In addition, you are not permitted to live or work in a storage unit at any time.

What size do I need to rent?

The size of the unit needed depends on many variables and can be determined by talking with one of our friendly staff members. The volume of your items is obviously the biggest factor, but things such as how well you’ve packed and how often you need to access items can also make a difference. Keep in mind that in addition to the square footage of the unit, our units are also tall enough (10 foot) to stack items and save you plenty of space.

Click here for a storage unit size guide

Do I need to provide my own lock?

No! When you rent a unit with us we give you your own lock and keys. In addition the security of the lock, we have individual access codes, surveillance systems, cameras, and gates to protect your belongings.

Do I need to insure my stuff?

That depends. We recommend that you check with your insurance agent to see if your items are covered in rental units. Unlike a bonded warehouse or a moving company, self-storage facilities do not extend insurance to customers because we do not have care, custody, and control of your items. It is simply our job to keep the units and facility as safe as possible.

How do I move my stuff into the unit?

In the “Packing and Storage Tips” section of our website we offer an extensive list of suggestions on how to best store your items. In terms of packing and getting the items here, keep in mind that we offer a free moving truck/trailer that you can use to move in and out of your unit for free.

What does climate controlled mean?

Climate controlled maintains temperatures between 60 degrees and 80 degrees using central air-conditioning and heat. This insulates your things from the damage that severe hot or cold weather can cause to items stored in storage units. Climate control is the best and easiest way to protect your items from damage, mildew, corrosion, etc.